Air bag



PURPOSE:To prevent damage to the cloth, minimize bag capacity deterioration under high and low temperature, eliminate wear, peeling of coating and the like when an air bag is unfolded by coating a part of the bag body cloth with a polycarbonate type polyurethane resin. CONSTITUTION:A polycarbonate type polyurethane resin is a compound obtained a through a polymerization reaction of a polycarbonate diol, and a polyisocyanate. The said resin can be used in a condition such as an organic solvent solution, moisture dispersive solution, water suspension liquid of DMF, DMS and the like, and the resin coating can be used in a method such as coating, laminating, printing and spraying. A cloth made in such manner is cut to a suitable size, attached with a reinforcement cloth, straps, heat and gas sheltering material and the like and finished to a bag of specified shape.
(57)【要約】 【構成】 エアバッグ本体を構成している布帛の、少な くとも一部がポリカーボネート型ポリウレタン樹脂で被 覆されていることを特徴とするエアバッグ。 【効果】 本構成によるエアバッグは、耐久性、耐環境 特性に優れ、かつ製造コストを安価にできる。




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