Water repellent transparent resin material



PURPOSE:To improve the flaw resistance of the surface of a transparent resin material and to enhance the water-repellent water-proof performance thereof by fabricating a transparent metal oxide film on the surface of the transparent resin material, and forming minute uneveness in the surface, and coating the surface with a water repeller. CONSTITUTION:The surface of a transparent resin material 1, e.g. a polycarbonate flat plate is coated with a sol of a vehicle obtained from a metal alkoxide and is baked whereby a transparent metal oxide coating layer 2 is fabricated. The metal oxide coating layer 2 is subjected to fluorine hydroxidation or plasma etching so that minute unevenness is formed in the surface thereof. The surface is further coated with a water repeller, e.g. a solvent of a fluorine silicon water repeller having a polyfluoroalkyl group so that a water repeller layer 3 is formed. The surface of the resin material 1 is thus given hardness and has its flaw resistance and waterproof endurance performance enhanced.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 表面の耐傷付き性が改善され、撥水耐久性能 が向上した撥水処理透明樹脂材料を得る。 【構成】 透明樹脂材料表面に透明な金属酸化物皮膜を 有し、且つその表面が微細な凹凸を有し、更にその上に 撥水処理剤層を有する撥水処理透明樹脂材料。




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