Recursive filter designing system



(57)【要約】 【目的】 最適係数を求める再帰フィルタの設計方式に 関し,安定な出力の得られる最適係数を簡単な方法で高 速に求めることを目的とする。 【構成】 インパルス応答設定手段(3) と,インパルス 応答とb(t’)とにより評価値を算出する評価値算出 手段(2) と,評価値と評価と基準値を比較する評価値比 較手段(4) と,係数(b)パラメータ更新手段(5) と, 係数(a)算出手段(6) とを備え,インパルス応答と係 数(b)により評価値を算出し,評価基準値より小さい 評価値をあたえる係数bを最適係数として保持し,その 評価値を新たな評価基準値として更新する処理をフィル タの安定な出力を与える全てのbについて繰り返し,評 価値Eを最小にする係数a,bを求める構成を持つ。
PURPOSE: To calculate an optimum resolution in a snort time and to prevent a recursive filter from being made instable by calculating an evaluating value with the coefficient of a range, where an output is stablized, as a parameter. CONSTITUTION: An arithmetic processing means is provided with an impulse response setting means 3, evaluating value calculating means 2, evaluating value comparing means 4, coefficient (b) parameter updating means 5 and coefficient (a) calculating means 6. Then, the evaluating values are calculated concerning an impulse response and respective b(t) while successively updating the b(t) in the area where an output p(t) is stablized. Next, the respective evaluating values are compared with an evaluation reference value and when any evaluating value smaller than the evaluation reference value can be obtained, the evaluation reference value is updated by that evaluating value so as to calculate the b(t) having the minimum evaluating value concerning all the b(t) in the area where the output p(t) is stablized. Then, an a(t) is calculated by the b(t) and the coefficients b(t) and a(t) are outputted as the optimum coefficients of the recursive filter. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio




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