Production of single crystal



(57)【要約】 【目的】 単結晶の溶液成長法において障害となる結晶 成長異方性の問題を比較的簡便な方法により解決するこ と。 【構成】 溶液中に種子結晶を吊り下げまたは静置し、 これを成長させて単結晶を得る単結晶製造法において、 結晶の特定方向の成長を阻害する手段を設けたことを特 徴とする単結晶製造法。
PURPOSE: To solve problems of crystal growth anisotropy to be a disorder according to a relatively simple method by providing a means for inhibiting the growth of the crystal in a specific direction in a method for producing a single crystal by growing a seed crystal hung or allowed to stand in a solution. CONSTITUTION: For example, a seed crystal 1 of urea is held in a saturated solution 3 of urea in methanol with a platinum wire 2 in a vessel 4 made of glass. The vessel 4 is provided with a pair of protrusions 5 and 4 for inhibiting the growth of a crystal. The seed crystal 1 is located in nearly an intermediate position between the protrusions 5 and 6 and placed so as to face the c-axis having the maximum crystal growth rate toward the direction of the protrusions. The temperature of the solution 3 is then lowered at a prescribed rate to grow the crystal, which is grown mainly in the c-axis direction to bring the tip into contact with the protrusions 5 and 6. Furthermore, if the growth of the crystal is continued, the crystal is grown in the directions of a- and b-axes to afford a columnar crystal. The objective large-sized high-quality single crystal useful in the optical field is readily obtained according to this method. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio




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