Side member structure for vehicle



PURPOSE: To provide a side member structure for vehicle in which a shock absorbing force of both side members can be developed to increase energy absorptivity even if input force is applied to either one of the side members in which a liquid damper is incorporated. CONSTITUTION: Top ends 18a and 19a of rod parts 18 and 19 of left and right liquid dampers 14 and 15 are projected forward from cylinders 22 and 23 to fix the top ends 18a and 19a to front side members 12 and 13, respectively. Then front chamber side connecting ports 28 and 29 are formed on cylinder front chamber 22a and 23a sides and rear chamber side connecting ports 30 and 31 are formed on cylinder rear chamber 22b and 23b sides, respectively, to connect the front chamber side connecting port 28 of the left side liquid damper 14 with the rear chamber side connecting port 31 of the right side liquid damper 15 and also connect the front chamber side connecting port 29 of the right side liquid damper 15 with the rear side connecting port 30 of the left side liquid damper 14. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio
(57)【要約】 【目的】 液体ダンパを内蔵したサイドメンバの一方側 のみに入力が作用しても、両方のサイドメンバの衝撃吸 収力を発揮させ、エネルギ吸収性を向上させた車両用サ イドメンバ構造を提供する。 【構成】 左右側液体ダンパ14,15のロッド部1 8,19は、先端部18a,19aをシリンダ22,2 3の前方へ突出させてこの先端部18a,19aを各フ ロントサイドメンバ12,13と固着させている。そし て、シリンダ前室22a,23a側に前室側連通口2 8,29をシリンダ後室22b,23b側に後室側連通 口30,31を各々形成し、左側液体ダンパ14の前室 側連通口28と右側液体ダンパ15の後室側連通口31 とを連通すると共に、前記右側液体ダンパ15の前室側 連通口29と左側液体ダンパ14の後室側連通口30と を連通していることを特徴としている。




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