Prefilled syringe for two components



PURPOSE: To provide the prefilled syringe for two components which enables the long-term preservation of drugs of two components, one or both components of which are liquid, allows sterile and rapid prepn. at the time of use, is simple, is highly reliable and is easily produced. CONSTITUTION: The syringe consists of an injection cylinder 1, a plunger 7 having a 3rd hermetic sealing member 6 at its front end, a 1st hermetic sealing member 3 mounted to a tip 2 and a 2nd hermetic sealing member 5 inserted into an aperture 4 at the base end of the injection cylinder 1. A rod insertion hole 9 is formed axially in the 2nd hermetic sealing member 5. The 3rd hermetic sealing member 6 is compressed and expanded diametrally by a hermetic sealing member compressing means 12 provided at the front end of a rod 8 of the plunger 7, by which the inside of the injection cylinder 1 is segmented to 2nd chambers 19, 20. The communication of the two chambers 19, 20 is attained when the compression by the hermetic sealing member compressing means 12 is released. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio
(57)【要約】 【目的】 一方または両方の成分が液状である2つの成 分の薬剤の長期の保存を可能ならしめ、かつ用時に無菌 的に素早く調製できる、簡易で、信頼性が高く、製造が 容易な2成分用プレフィルドシリンジを提供する。 【構成】 注射筒1と、先端に第3の密封部材6を有す るプランジャ7と、チップ2に装着された第1の密封部 材3と、注射筒1の基端部開口4に挿着された第2の密 封部材5からなり、第2の密封部材5には軸方向にロッ ド挿通孔9が形成されている。そして第3の密封部材6 は、プランジャ7のロッド8の先端に設けられた密封部 材圧縮手段12によって圧縮され拡径されて、注射筒1 の内部を2室19、20に区画している。2室19、2 0の連通は密封部材圧縮手段12による圧縮が解除され ることにより達成される。




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