Information apparatus with battery pack power source



PURPOSE:To completely guarantee a backup operation against removal, of a battery pack at the time of operating a body by providing a battery pack mount/removal detecting pin between the body and the pack. CONSTITUTION:When an operator intends to remove a battery pack, a battery pack mount/removal detecting pin 4 is disconnected before a positive side power source contact pin 2 and a negative side power source contact pin 3 are removed since an effective engaging length of the pin 4 is short, and a voltage drop across a resistor 5 becomes zero. An input of a buffer 6 becomes a low level, and an output of the buffer 6 becomes a low level. A backup controller 7 designates a backup operation to a circuit to be controlled according to the signal state. In this case, since the pins 2, 3 are not disconnected, a power source voltage from a battery 1 is completely supplied.
(57)【要約】 【構成】電池1のプラス側に電池パック着脱検出ピン4 が接続され、電池パック着脱検出ピン3に抵抗5の一端 とバッファ回路6の入力が接続され、抵抗5の他端はマ イナス側電源に接続され、バッファ回路6の出力信号は バックアップ制御回路7に供給される。バッファ回路6 の入力が抵レベルとなり、バッファ回路6の出力も抵レ ベルとなるとバックアップ制御回路7は、バックアップ 動作を制御対象回路に指示する。 【効果】本体動作時の電池パックの引き抜きに対し、完 全にバックアップ動作を保証できる。




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