Image forming device



(57)【要約】 【目的】 コロナ放電を不要とすると共に、十分な画像 濃度と高い画像品質を得る。 【構成】 透光性支持体上に透光性導電層と光導電層と を順次積層した感光体に現像バイアス手段を設けると共 に、透光性支持体側から光を照射する露光手段を設け、 更に現像バイアス手段のスリーブ上に絶縁体を介して導 電体を配設して成る画像形成装置。
PURPOSE:To form a toner image with satisfactory density by means of image exposure and to obtain an image which is free fog and satisfactory in contrast by forming a developer pool on the downstream side of a developing means in the rotating direction of a photosensitive body. CONSTITUTION:The position of image exposure is not the position A where the surface of the photosensitive body 2 is nearest to developing sleeve 12 but the position B of the developer pool 19 formed downstream in the reversal rotation of the photosensitive body 2. Therefore, the photosensitive body 2 is sufficiently electrified until exposure is started, the influence of the hysteresis of the potential of the photosensitive body 2 before the electrification is suppressed. and residual toner on the surface of the photosensitive body 2 and toner on image background part are sufficiently recovered. Further, since charges are dissipated by carrying out exposure after the photosensitive body 2 is sufficiently electrified, the electrical attraction force between the developer and the photosensitive body 2 is strong, and the satisfactory toner image 16 is formed.




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