Pressure-proof detecting method for ground plane by means of float of outrigger and device therefor



(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【目的】 荷役操作領域の接地面Gにクレ−ン車を小接 地面積の耐圧検出フロ−ト12で支承し、その無負荷状 態で伸縮ブ−ムを操作して、当該接地面Gの耐圧を実際 の荷役操作状態と略々同圧で直接検出する。 【構成】 クレ−ン車のアウトリガ1の張出しビ−ム2 端部の垂直支脚3下部に、所要接地面積のフロ−ト6を 設ける一方、前記フロ−ト6の中央部に、当該フロ−ト 6の接地面積より狭い接地面積の耐圧検出フロ−ト12 を、その下面から出没可能に設ける。
PURPOSE: To detect the extent of pressure resistance on a ground plane directly almost at the same pressure as in an actual material handling operation state by supporting a crane truck on the ground plane of a material handling operation range through a pressure-proof detecting float in a small ground plane area, and operating an expansion in the no-load state. CONSTITUTION: A required ground contact areal float 6 is installed in the lower part of a vertical support leg at the end of an overhang beam 2 of an outrigger 1 in a crane truck, while a pressure-proof detecting float 12 of a ground contact area narrower than the ground contact area of the float 6 is installed in a central part of the float 6 retractably from the underside. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio




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