Method for molding optical element



(57)【要約】 【目的】完成した光学素子を型部材から離型させる時 に、硝子部材と樹脂層との間での剥離を確実に防止でき る様な光学素子の成形方法を提供する。 【構成】樹脂層32の表面に所定の表面形状を転写する ための成形面12aを有する型部材12に対して、硝子 部材30を、硝子部材30の表面が成形面12aに対し て樹脂層32の厚みを規定する距離だけ離間された状態 で保持し、硝子部材32の表面と成形面12aとの間に 規定される空間に樹脂材料を充填して硬化させる第1の 工程と、型部材12を加熱して熱膨張させ、型部材12 と硝子部材30とに成形面12aに沿う方向に寸法差を 生じさせることにより、光学素子33を型部材12から 離型させる第2の工程とを具備する。
PURPOSE: To certainly prevent the peeling between a glass member and a resin layer when a completed optical element is demolded from a mold member. CONSTITUTION: In a first process, a glass member 30 is held to a mold member 12 having a molding surface 12a for transferring a predetermined surface shape to the surface of a resin layer 32 in such a state that the surface of the glass member 30 is spaced apart from the molding surface 12a by the distance prescribing the thickness of the resin layer 32 and the space prescribed between the surface of the glass member 32 and the molding surface 12a is filled with a resin material to cure the resin material and, in a second process, the mold member 12 is heated to be thermally expanded and dimensional difference is generated between the mold member 12 and the glass member 30 along the direction of the molding surface 12a to demold an optical element 33 from the mold member 12. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio




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