Governor lubricating device for engine



(57)【要約】 【構成】ガバナ1を収容したガバナ室2をクランク室3 に連通し、このクランク室3からガバナ室2にブローバ イガスを導入して、このブローバイガスに含まれる潤滑 油ミストでガバナ1をミスト潤滑するように構成した、 エンジンのガバナ潤滑装置において、次のようにした。 すなわち、ガバナ室2にブローバイガス排出部4を設け た。 【効果】クランク室3のブローバイガスの多くが、ブロ ーバイガス排出部4に向かう過程で、矢印5のようにガ バナ室2に導入され、ガバナ室2へのブローバイガスの 導入量が多くなり、ガバナ1への潤滑油ミストの供給量 が多くなる。このため、ガバナ1の潤滑性能が高まり、 エンジンを長期間にわたって高速運転した場合にも、潤 滑油不足によるガバナ1の摺動部分の焼き付きが防止さ れる。
PURPOSE: To enhance the lubricity of a governor, in a device in which blowby gas is introduced from a crankcase into a governor chamber where the governor housed, by providing the governor chamber with a blowby gas discharging part, so that the introducing quantity of blowby gas to the governor chamber can be increased. CONSTITUTION: The governor weight 26 of a centrifugal governor gives a forward governor force 32 to a governor lever 29 by the expandedly opening motion due to a centrifugal force caused by its rotation via an engaging part 27, a flange 23, and a governor shaft 22, so that the position of a fuel quantity regulating pin 31 is changed by means of a governor lever 28 in the balance with the spring force 33 exerted on the spring lever 29. And the blowby gas including lubricating oil mist is introduced into a governor chamber 2 where the governor 1 has been housed from a crankcase 3 via a fuel injection pump chamber 14 for lubricating the governor 1. In this case, a discharge pipe 38 as a blowby gas discharging part 4 is inserted into the cover body 37 of the inspection hole 36 of the governor chamber 2, so that the introducing quantity of blowby gas to the governor chamber 2 can be increased. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio




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