Method for separating sucralose-6-ester



The invention discloses a novel method for separating sucralose-6-ester. The method comprises the following steps that: the sucralose-6-ester is directly extracted and separated from mixture which contains the sucralose-6-ester, sugar byproducts, triamide, water and salt according to different solubility of the sucralose-6-ester and the triamide in an extractant; directly extracted sucralose-6-ester phases undergo a separating extractant and recrystallization, and the sucralose-6-ester is purified; the sucralose-6-ester is dried under adequate temperature conditions; and the triamide is purified by means of rectification of residual phases after extraction. The method has the advantages of low production cost, high yield, simple equipment, investment conservation, easy treatment of three wastes, etc.




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