Method for rapidly browsing remote sensing image of hand-hold equipment



The invention discloses a method for rapidly browsing handheld apparatus remote sensing pictures, comprising the steps of: 1) partitioning entire picture data and establishing a code stream data table recoding data information of data blocks; 2) searching for the code stream data table according to a region to be displayed and confirming the data block to be decoded; 3) decoding the data block to be decoded in accordance with scaling, and meanwhile, sufficiently operating information of direct current coefficients in JPEG file without Huffman decoding and IDCT conversion on condition that the scaling is a multiple of 8, so as to realize rapid browsing for the pictures. The inventive method can decode the JPG file that is extremely large, and has the characteristics of fast decoding speed, meeting the demand of real-time application, small occupied memory resources while decoding, browsing arbitrary regions of the picture and scaling the arbitrary regions of the picture at will.




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