Anti-icing method for overhead wire based on real time operation mode



The invention relates to a deicing method for an aerial line, which is based on a real-time running mode, and belongs to the automation field of electric power system management. The method comprises the following steps: an electric network power management system is utilized to collect the running states of the electric power system on a real-time basis, and the real-time network topology and real-time current of the power system are obtained through state estimation; on the premise that the system dynamic stability is guaranteed, the power transmission of the line at high icing risk is increased according to the icing condition of the aerial line, so as to utilizing the resistance of the line to produce more heat and thaw ice or prevent the line from icing. The deicing method utilizes the electric network management automation system without the need or with little need of few apparatuses, the cost is low, and the implementation is convenient.




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