Method for improving ohm contact performance of metal-P type semiconductor



The invention belongs to manufacturing technology of semiconductor equipment. A method for improvement of ohm contact performance of metal-P type semiconductor equipment is provided. The process comprises the following steps of: 1. synthesizing and purifying a carbon nanotube firstly; 2. preparing a nanocarbon tube film on a P-type semiconductor; 3. preparing a layer of dielectric film on the carbon nanotube film, depositing a layer of photo-resist, and then defining designed graphics on photo-resist by semiconductor micro-nano manufacturing technology, after exposure, putting the semiconductor device into developing solution for developing, cleaning and hard-baking treatments, and etching the dielectric film with the photo-resist as a mask, etching the carbon nanotube film with the dielectric film with designed graphics as a new mask, after that, removing residual dielectric film material; 4. preparing a metal electrode or alloy on the carbon nanotube film. The carbon nanotube film is applied in the invention to improve the ohm contact characteristic of semiconductor equipment, with the advantage of simple manufacturing technology and low cost for large scale application, as well as the capability of improving reliability and service life of semiconductor equipment.




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