Method for preparing capsule for cooling liver, removing wind, clearing heat and relieving spasm



The present invention discloses a method for producing a capsule for cooling the liver, stopping wind, clearing heat and relieving muscular spasm. The method includes the following procedures: refining twenty medicinal materials of gastrodia tuber, hooked uncaria, parasite scurrula, achyranthes root, eucommia, motherwort, pachyma cocos, radix pittospuri, baical skullcap, sea-ear shell, multiflower knotweed, antelopes horn powder, white muscardine silkworm, heliconia, arsenic sulphide, chilopod, tabasheer, amber, vermilion, musky oyster, raw Hangzhou peony, bllackened swallowwort root, dwarf lilyturf , medicinal cyathula toot, rehmannia root, figwort root, radix pittospuri, bamboo shavings, green orange leaf, fried orange fruit and liquorice; preparing medicinal materials into dry powder and proportionally mixing the dry powder with stearic acid magnesium; taking ethanol as the moisturizing agent and preparing mixture into particles; drying and capsulizing the particles to obtain the capsule. The medicine of the present invention has the characteristics of simple and clear composition, advanced technique, easy quality control, high technological content, convenient use for patients, good taste, difficult moist absorption and good stability; the capsule is characterized by high biological utilization and equal curative effect with other dosage forms. The preparation with reasonable design, convenient use and convenient carry has the unique curative effect of cooling the liver, stopping wind, clearing heat and relieving muscular spasm.




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