Medicament for treating uarthritis, that is Tongfengning capsule and preparation method thereof


  • Inventors: LI YI
  • Assignees: 毅 李
  • Publication Date: December 10, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-101317958-A


The present invention discloses a medicine for curing gout---Tongfengning Capsule and a preparation method thereof. The present invention takes small-dose thunder god vine extract as the main material and combines other raw materials of pleione rhizome, prepared corktree, prepared rhizoma atractylodis, prepared szechuan aconite, prepared wild aconite, radix stephaniae tetrandrae, salvia miltiorrhiza, trumpetweed and achyranthes root. The raw materials are respectively broiled, extracted by water and concentrated by decoction according to different features of Chinese medicines, then mixed with the fine powder of the Chinese medicinal herbs of prepared nux vomica, scorpions, ground beetles and notoginseng and proportionally processed into capsules. The medicine of the present invention has the effects of clearing toxic heat, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, benefiting qi and promoting granulation, dissolving the stagnant and alleviating pain, and is mainly used for treating gout and hyperuricemia.




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