Method and system for implementing authentication with fixed network access



The invention discloses a method for realizing authentication and authorization of mobile users under fixed network access, and a system thereof, wherein, after a mobile terminal enters the coverage area of a wireless access gateway, a wireless connection between the gateway and the mobile terminal is established; the mobile terminal can automatically put forth a registration request; the gateway sends the registration request to a service platform accessed by the fixed network of the mobile users through network, for example, FAMU platform processing; the FAMU platform realizes the access authentication of the mobile terminal under the fixed network access. When the mobile terminal passes through the authentication and authorization of the FAMU platform, the users can use the customized service in the automobile communication network under the fixed network access. The method and the system of the invention protect the original investment and lead the providing of the FMC Fixed-Mobile Convergence service in the current stage to be possible with low reconstruction cost and rapid network implementation.




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