Time-delay drawing protection technical apparatus for injection mold slide block thimble and inclined jacking block thimble



The invention discloses a technical device for protecting delayed pulling of a slider push rod and an ejector cam insert push rod of an injection mold. The device comprises a push rod (1), a spring (2), a delayed straight plane (3), a reset inclined plane (4) and a check block (5). The device adopts demoulding technical proposal of transverse delayed pulling consisting of the push rod, the spring, the straight plane and the inclined plane; in the pulling movements of a transverse mechanism of an injection molded part, the push rod is used to support the injection molded part to force the injection molded part and a slider or an ejector cam insert to loose and delay, so as to guarantee products are not damaged in the transverse demoulding process. The device solves the problems that the mould has a complicated structure and high cost, and actual demoulding effect is not ideal, etc. because the prior art adopts the technical proposals that a secondary transverse pulling mechanism such as an oil cylinder is adopted, demoulding inclination of the injection molded part is increased and demoulding is carried out through exhaust, etc. The device achieves the aims of simple and reliable mechanism, low cost, ideal demoulding effect and suitability for applying injection molds with difficult demoulding; meanwhile, the device has universal meaning for technical progress of injection mold demoulding.




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