Backup and restore of file system objects of unknown type



备份和恢复未知类型的文件系统对象。从文件系统接收文件系统对象的列表。文件系统对象是待备份的。对于具有未知文件类型的每个文件系统对象,执行以下步骤。首先,查询文件系统,以获取足以使文件系统在以后需要的情况下重建文件系统对象的关于文件系统对象的信息。第二,存储文件系统对象和关于文件系统对象的信息。对于Microsoft Windows<sup></sup>操作系统上运行的应用未知的文件系统的文件系统对象类型的示例包括符号链接、命名管道以及特定设备文件。
File system objects of unknown type are backed up and restored. A list of file system objects is received from a file system. The file system objects are to be backed up. For each file system object that has a file type that is unknown, the following is performed. First, the file system is queried to obtain information regarding the file system object that is sufficient for the file system to later recreate the file system object if necessary. Second, the file system object and the information regarding the file system object are stored. Examples of file system object types of the file system that may be unknown to an application running on a Microsoft Windows TM operating system include symbolic links, named pipes, and special device files.




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