Absorbent product



The invention refers to an absorbent product chosen from an incontinence protection, a sanitary napkin and a panty liner, having a rear part, a front part and a crotch part in its longitudinal direction, comprising a liquid permeable perforated top sheet facing the wearer, a liquid impermeable back sheet facing away from the wearer, and an absorbent structure positioned between the top sheet and the back sheet, and whereby longitudinally extending textile-like edges are positioned on both longitudinal sides of the top sheet, whereby the rear part of the absorbent structure is rounded in the form of at least three different radii. Hereby, it is possible to adjust the shape of the absorbent structure so that more absorbent material is put in the product. Also, material waste can be reduced, compared to a conventional rectangular-formed absorbent structure.; Further, the absorption capacity is increased and thus the risk for leakage is reduced.




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