Radio frequency coaxial semi-rigid cable curve type package assembly



The invention discloses a bent assembling structure for radio frequency coaxial semi-rigid cables, which relates to a plug complex and a semi-rigid coaxial cable. The plug complex is bent from the body upward and provided with an assembling interface, a hard lantern ring is integrally formed out the assembling interface, and the semi-rigid coaxial cable passes through the assembling interface and is fixedly connected with a contact pin inside the plug complex. The bent assembling structure is characterized in that the top on which the plug complex forms a right angle with the assembling interface is provided with a through hole and a gland bush which has corresponding size and shape to the through hole. After the assembling structure of the invention is utilized, welding of the coaxial cable core and the contact pin can be monitored and adjusted outside from the through hole, thereby the internal conductive layer and the external conductive layer of the coaxial cable is enabled to be jointed more closely with the internal of the plug complex of a connector, and achieving excellent effect of improving assembling reliability. Further, the gland bush and the through hole have reasonable structural design and convenient assembly.




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