Optical information recording medium



The invention is to obtain a light information recording media with good modulation degree even using organic matters in a recording layer. The light information recording media 1 of the invention comprises: a substrate 2 which has a breakthrough in a centre section and has a guiding recess 3 on one side regarded as light incident side; a reflection layer 4 formed on a surface of the substrate 2 forming the guiding recess 3; a recording layer 5 formed on the reflection layer 4 and composed of organic matters containing coloring matters; and a light transmission covering layer 6 mounted on the recording layer 5. The invention is characterized in that the covering layer 6 of the light information recording media 1 is made of hardened resin. The elastic modulus of one side relative to the recording layer 5 is within a range of 34 to 96MPa when it is at 25 degrees centigrade.




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