Agent formulation for domestic waste desludge and purification and use method



The invention discloses a preparation method and an application method for a medicament used for deslagging and clarification of domestic wastewater, relating to the domestic wastewater treatment clarification field. A plurality of chemical agents are mixed and diluted into liquid according to the proportion, and are dissolved into the domestic wastewater at different time in three stages to destroy chemical bonds in the domestic wastewater and change the characteristic of the domestic wastewater, so that impurities in the domestic wastewater such as suspended substances and so on, are completely separated from water and are precipitated and the water quality is clear and transparent; and COD, SS, ammonia nitrogen and a pH value in the water can reach the domestic wastewater pollution discharge standard stipulated by the environmental protection department and can be circularly reused to irrigate flowers, grass and trees, and wash cars and so on. The medicament and the method can not cause secondary pollution to a water body.




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