Ironmaking blast furnace hydrocyclone fluidized strengthen water-cooled wall apparatus



The invention relates to a rotary liquid fluidization and reinforcement water screen device for a blast furnace. A cooling tube of the water screen is arranged on one side close to a hot surface; one side of the hot surface is designed with horizontal ribbed slabs in equidistant arrangement; the height b3 of the ribbed slab is between 50 and 100 mm; a horizontal section of one side of the hot surface is of a waveform shape; and the depth b4 between a wave trough and a wave crest is between 30 and 60 mm. Level sections of the cooling tube and a fluidization washing liquid inlet and outlet pipeline are provided with spiral lines inside. The water screen is connected with a particle circulating groove through the inlet and outlet pipeline and a triple valve to form a water supply, drainage and fluidization washing system which is simple in switching operation. The cooling strength of the cooling reinforcement cast steel water screen is close to that of a copper cooling wall; the structure of the ribbed slab and deformation surface has the strong slag adhering and antifalling capacities, the throttling effect of inhibiting edge airflow, can form a complete and stable slag crust on the hot surface, and achieve the level of service life and energy conservation as much as the copper cooling wall.




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