Polyethylene-based moisture absorbing composite material and preparation thereof



The invention discloses a polyvinyl composite material with moisture absorption function and a method for preparing the same. The compositions by weight percentage of the material are: 60 to 80 percent of low density polyethylene, 2 to 8 percent of compatilizer, 10 to 30 percent of polyvinyl alcohol and 5 to 10 percent of auxiliary agent. The method is as follows: firstly, premixture is prepared through fusion and composition of the polyvinyl alcohol and the auxiliary agent; secondly, the premixture is fused and mixed with the low density polyethylene and the compatilizer on a double-screw extruder, and the polyvinyl composite material with the moisture absorption function is prepared. The composite method adopted by the invention has the advantages of simplicity, convenience, environmental protection, low cost, easy industrialized production and so on; the prepared polyvinyl composite material with the moisture absorption function has the moisture absorption function and can be used for preparing a film; and the film has good moisture absorption function and simultaneously maintains good mechanical property.




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