Pellet for soothing nerve and releasing depression



The invention discloses a pill for relaxing nerves and relieving depression, pertaining to oral Chinese patent medicine which is used for the treatment of tristimania and adopting the compatibility of the following components: amber, radix polygalae, borneol, rhubarb, Massa medicata fermentata, fructus aurantii, radix curcumae, Tuckahoe, radix bupleuri and concretio silicea bambusae, etc. and then the components are comminuted, evenly mixed and sieved to obtain the medicine. The medicine has the fast effectiveness that the tristimania can be cured only by 30 to 60 days, particularly, the medicine has extremely small drug dosage which is 3g of oral dose for each time. The medicine only needed to be taken three times each day without any toxic and side effect.




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