Turning tools and method



The invention provides a turning-over jig used for coating equipment, which comprises a pair of supporting frames, a first and a second clamping parts which are oppositely arranged and pivoted on the supporting frames, and a first and a second bearing parts which are symmetrical, can be fixedly installed between the two clamping parts and used for bearing a workpiece to be plated. A blocking and fixing device is arranged on the two clamping parts so as to cause the two clamping parts to tightly clamp the two bearing parts. The first clamping part is provided with two rotating shafts which are on a same axis, and each supporting frame is provided with a bearing part which is used for bearing the two rotating shafts and causing the clamping parts to overturn on the supporting frame. The jig avoids time-consumption and labor-consumption of manual turning-over, and can conveniently and speedily realize the turning-over operation of the workpiece to be plated. The invention also provides a turning-over method.




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